Accepted Paper List

Paper ID Authors Paper Title
4 Asfandiar Ayub, Usama Bin Zahid and Jawad Mehmood Butt. Impementation of Automation Medication Dispensing System Based on Mobile Robotic Remote Sensing Unit
10 Jawad Ahmed, Hasna Ahmed and Momina Moetesum. Assessing Performance of Deep Convolutional Features for Terrain Classification Using Remote Sensing Data
11 Madiha Khalid, Umar Khokhar, Aniqa Tahir and Hyesung Park. Cryptanalysis of Radio Frequency Identification System Mutual Authentication Protocol
18 Stefan Mocanu, Mihai Craciunescu, Diana Baicu, Maria Circiumaru, Alexandru Costache and Cosmin Popa. Real time image recognition based on low cost processing platform
22 Bahram Khan, Aasim Wakeel, Javaria Majid and Muhammad Mateen Shahbaz. Flexible Hardware Implementation of Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier Systems
24 Rana M. Amir Latif, Osama Rizwan, Farah Ijaz, Syed Umair Aslam Shah and Muhammad Farhan. Blockchain Framework for Retail Level Industry by Using a Supply chain Rules and Regulation
25 Raiha Tallat, Rana M. Amir Latif, Muhammad Farhan, Ahmad Zaheer, Syed Umair Aslam Shah and Farah Ijaz. Empirical Evaluation of Visual Graph Analytic Techniques
32 Sarmad Shafique, Samabia Tehsin, Syed Anas and Farrukh Masud. Computer-assisted Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia detection and diagnosis
44 Kifayatullah Bangash, Muhammad Mahmood Ali and Hammad Ahmad. Design of a Millimeter Wave Microstrip Patch Antenna and Its Array for 5G Applications
45 Faisal Rehman, S. I. A Shah, Omer Gilani, Emad Ud Deen, Naveed Riaz and Faiza Riaz. A Noval Framework To Segment Out Cervical Vertebrae
48 Asma Ejaz, Samrin Mehak Kabir, Wajeeh Anwer, Yasar Amin, Jonathon Loo and Hannu Tenhunen. A 28 GHz Wide-Band Antenna and its MIMO Configuration
56 Rimsha Khan, Qirat Ashfaq and Sherish Farooq. A Comparative Analysis of Static Code Analysis Tools that check Java Code Adherence to Java Coding Standards
60 S.H. Abbasi and A Mahmood. Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Bio-Inspired Electromechanical Feather for Gust Mitigation in Flapping Wing UAV
73 Muhammad Ibrar, Salman Saleem and Imran Khan. Performance analysis of Amplify Quantize & Forward and Decode & Forward with Path loss effect in cooperative cognitive radio network using AWGN channel
77 Ahmad Jalal, Amir Nadeem and Satoshi Bobasu. Human Body Parts Estimation and Detection for Physical Sports Movements
80 Muhammad Hussain and Haroon Rasheed. Communication Infrastructure for Stationary and Organized Distributed Smart Meter
84 Aneela Sajid, Aamir Habib, Saqib Ejaz and Saqib Ali. Development of Multi-User TDMA-Based DSSS System
94 Faryal Amber, Khurram Khurshid, Muhammad Imran and Adeel Yousaf. P300 Based Deception Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
95 Tayba Farooqui, Tauseef Rana and Fakeeha Jafari. Impact of Human-Centered Design Process (HCDP) on Software Development Process
98 Bilal Ahmad, Husna Mutahira, Mikhail Li and Mannan Muhammad. Measuring Focus Quality in Color Space
100 Khizra Ilyas, Atif Javed, Salik Satti and Wajid Gulistan. Waveform Development Feasibility For Software Defined Radio Using MATLAB
116 Abdul Rehman, Husnain Shahid, Azeem Sultan, Muhammad Abrar Afzal and Muhammad Owais Tahir. Deforestation Analysis of Northern Areas (Pakistan) using Image Processing and Maximum Likelihood Supervised Classification
139 Adnan Shafiq, Safiullah Khan and Hamza Zuberi. FPGA based Out-of-Band Encryption Module with Key Management System
146 Lubna Zafar, Usman Ahmed and Arshad Islam. Citation Context Analysis using Word-Graph
149 Zeeshan Haider. Compactness and Performance Evaluation of Light-weight Block Ciphers over FPGA
151 Adamu Garba, Shah Khalid, Shah Khusro and Irfan Ullah. Search Results Diversification based on Subtopics Attention Network
152 Abeer Iftikhar Tahirkheli and Dr Munam Ali Shah. A Novel Framework for Cyber Secure Smart City
154 Zahid Abbas, Shaqat Abbas and Saad Ahmed Khan. Automatic Cafe Management System Using Waiter Robot
164 Muhammad Raees Armughan Azhar, Muhammad Hamid, Muhammad Hamza Irfan, Muhammad Awais, Umar Shahbaz and Ayesha Zeb. Automated Greenhouse System
170 Usman Ali Shah and Suhail Yousaf. Performance Analysis of Benchmarks for GPU-based Linear Programming Problem Solvers
175 Raza Hussain and Muhammad Umair Bashir. Model to Improve Scalability and Quality of Services in Software Define Networking
176 Zaibun Nisa, Mehwish Mansoor, Nadeem Shahzad, Fawad Javaid and Usman Ahmed. SIMCSO: Improvement of OWC link under snow attenuation
182 Tarwan Kumar Khatri and Humera Farooq. A Sentence Speller Based on SSVEP Brain Computing Interface Using EEG
187 Muhammad Mateen Shahbaz, Aasim Wakeel, Bahram Khan and Junaid Ur-Rehman. FPGA Based Implementation of FIR Filter for FOFDM Waveform
197 Zagham Abbas Aqeel and Saima Gull. Orbital Angular Momentum Beams Generation by modifying Short Helical Antenna
200 Huma Pervez and Irfan Ul Haq. Blockchain and IoT Based Disruption in Logistics
207 Tayyaba Tariq, Rana M. Amir Latif, Muhammad Farhan, Adil Abbas and Farah Ijaz. A Smart Heart Beat Analytics System Using Wearable Device
208 Ossama Haneef, Sana Maqbool, Farhana Siddique, Zahid Mahmood, Shahid Khattak and Gul Zameen Khan. Effects of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Detection
213 Tanveer Ahmad, Xue Jun Li and Boon-Chong Seet. Fuzzy-Logic Based Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks
225 Omer Khan, Nayab Saeed, Raheel Muzzammel, Umair Tahir and Omar Azeem. Hardware Optimization for Real-Time Target Tracking using Fast-Normalized Cross Correlation
229 Nida Asmat and Hafiz Syed Ahmed Qasim. Conundrum-Pass: A New Graphical Password Approach
231 Muhammad Naeem Tahir, Kari Mäenpää and Timo Sukuvaara.  Evolving Wireless Vehicular Communication (System level comparison and analysis of 802.11p, 4G & 5G)
233 Jawad Iftikhar, Sajid Hussain, Khwaja Mansoor, Zeeshan Ali and Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry.  Symmetric-Key Multi-factor Biometric Authentication Scheme
237 Wasim Iqbal, Rabbaya Akhtar and Syed Ali Raza Kazmi.  Design and Implementation of Smart Load Management (SLM) between Grid and Solar Generation
238 Muhammad Kamran Bhatti, Behlol Nawaz and Abdul Majeed Soomro.  Design & Analysis of Asynchronous (Clockless) Circuits and Implementation using Mentor Graphics ASIC Design Tools
250 Fazlullah Khan, Muhammad Alam, Mian Ahmad Jan and Kok-Hoe Wong.  Using Channel State Information for Tracking Vital Signs of a Patient
252 Bushra Khalid, Asad Mansoor Khan, Usman Akram and Sherin Batool.  Person Detection by Fusion of Visible and Thermal Images Using Convolutional Neural Network
254 Muhammad Zunair Zamir, Usman Asghar, Muhammad Ali Aqdas Qazi, Saba Zia and Saeed Khan.  Solution of Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Novel Bat Algorithm with Doppler Effect
257 Usama Hamayun Ghouri, Muhammad Usama Zafar, Salman Bari, Haroon Khan and Muhammad Umer Khan.  Attitude Control of Quad-copter using Deterministic Policy Gradient Algorithms (DPGA)
258 Shahid Hussain, Young-Chon Kim, Qaim Jan and Zakir Ali.  Simulation Studies of Reconfigurable Communication Network for Southwest Offshore Wind Farm South Korea
260 Muhammad Yasir, Mhuammad Usman, Imran Khan, Ibrar Ali Shah and Fahimullah Khan.  Empirical Study of Variable BO and SO under different Perfomance Metrices in the IEEE 802.15.4
261 Gulraiz Khan, Zeeshan Tariq, Junaid Hussain Muzamal, Muhammad Ali Farooq and Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan. Segmentation of Crowd into Multiple Constituents Using Modified Mask R-Cnn Based on Mutual Positioning of Human
262 Hasnain Ali, M. Ibtehaj Ahmad and Anoshah Malik. Li-Fi Based Health Monitoring System for Infants
264 Malik Nadeem and Khalid Awan. DoS Attack and Countermeasures in Named Data Networking
276 Sehar Un Nisa and Muhammad Imran. A Critical Review of Object Detection using Convolution Neural Network
285 Shahid Khan, Hazrat Ali, Safdar Nawaz Khan Marwat, Rizwan Khan, Harry Rmaneh and Camel Tanougast. Multi band Frequency Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Multiple wireless applications
288 Noman Tahir, Ali Hassan, Muhammad Asif and Shahbaz Ahmad. MCD: Mutually Connected Community Detection using clustering coefficient approach in social networks
290 Irfan Mustafa, Humera Farooq and Tarwan Khatri. EEG Bsed User Authentication Using Visual Stimuli of Geometric Shapes
292 Anum Waqar. Software Bug Prioritization in Beta Testing Using Machine Learning Techniques
299 Summra Saleem, Maida Shahid, Aniqa Dilawari and Usman Ghani Khan. A Rewriter Model for Urdu Document Concision with Neural Word Embeddings
306 Muhammad Ahmed Hassan, Summra Saleem, Muhammad Zeeshan Khan and Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan. Story Based Video Retrieval using Deep Visual and Textual Information
307 Rajesh Kumar, Kuldeep Khatri, Muhammad Imran and Hasan Ali Khattak. Smart Utility Management System for Hotels
314 Tanzeela Jameel, Rukhsana Ali and Shumaila Farhan. Security in Modern Smart Cities: An Information Technology Perspective
323 Muhammad Asim Mukhtar, Muhammad Khurram Bhatti and Guy Gogniat. Architectures for Security: A comparative analysis of hardware security features in Intel SGX and ARM TrustZone
329 Shahzad Sarwar, Sammia Rauf, Rashid Rasheed and Laeeq Aslam. Energy-aware Routing in Internet of Things (IoT) Networks
330 Shahzad Sarwar, Rashid Rasheed, Muhammad Abdullah Tariq and Laeeq Aslam. Importance of Trickle Algorithm in IoT
352 Rizwan Akhtar and Iqra Hakeem. Edge Computing Over Hybrid Mobile Social Networks
371 Safiullah Khan and Zeeshan Javed. A Robust Stereo Vision based Obstacle Detection for Structured and Unstructured Environments
416 Bilal Hassan and Taimur Hassan. Fully automated detection, grading and 3D modeling of maculopathy from OCT volumes
418 Bilal Hassan, Ramsha Ahmed, Omar Hassan and Taimur Hassan. Machine Learning based Macular Edema Detection using Multiple Retinal Imaging Modalities


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